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IContactWebDesign is a company of design of webpages and SEO located in Almeria and formed by designers, developer and professional specialists in positioning. Internet is excited and that is reflected in our works.

We combine design and technology so that your business is known and valued by the users Internet.


We realise webpages that fulfill all the standards of Internet proposed by the WC3, ECMA Script and Google Analytics, this way our pages they work better and they are able to position itself effectively in google.

We are in Almeria, They see know us!

Because although been you have inquired by Internet there is nothing because a professional solves your doubts to you, we dedicated to the design Web in Almeria for more than 10 years. We can take a coffee while we spoke on your project and which is the solution that agrees to you more, if you prefer it we chat by Skype or .

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Design professional Web

If you have a business, or an idea, we designed the webpage to you from zero: we analyze the project, we realised design tests, we implemented the programming, we add the content and the images, we hung the page in Internet and we register it in Google and the most excellent directories for your company. You only must tell us that you like and we were in charge of the rest.

With all our webpages we gave the name of domain and the lodging of the page in the servant, gratuitous during a year. These are our prices:

Actual Web

A website with the essential pages and blog
  • Design webpage
  • Page of home, services, contact, blog
  • Page self-managementable
  • High in the finders
  • Professional Web server
  • Domain .COM or .ES
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The design basic Web includes

Design Web in HTML 5

Webpage with up to 5 pages of content, and a blog section, later the client can be increasing the content according to the needs. With design an exclusive and optimized Web for a correct SEO (positioning in the web search engines as Google or Bing). Including a form of contact and map of location to locate your business in Google Maps.

The website will be totally manageable by the client without needing computer science knowledge. The pack includes a practical exercise where it is instructed in the edition of the content of the webpage. Also a tutorial video is included where are the main edition tasks of the content of the page.

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Design Web + SEO

A website optimized in SEO
  • Design webpage
  • Page of home, services, contact, blog
  • Page self-managementable
  • High in the finders
  • Professional Web server
  • Domain .COM or .ES
  • Analysis of competition
  • Contained writing SEO
  • Analysis SEO
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The design Web + SEO includes

Design Web in HTML 5

Like the basic pack is given with up to 5 pages of content and blog

A previous study of the competition is realised and several points of SEO are analyzed that soon are implemented in the website, eg: name of the domain, key words to position itself, card in Google My Bussines

The content is written up to fulfill the determined objectives SEO, adding to metadescripción, metatítulos, heads and texts oriented to the key words, etc.

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It lies down Online

It sells products by Internet
  • Design webpage
  • Page of home, categories, products, basket, contact, blog
  • Page self-managementable
  • High in the finders
  • Professional Web server
  • Domain .COM or .ES
  • Configuration TPV safe payment
  • Configuration shipments
  • Banners advertising
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The store design online includes

Design Web in HTML 5

The store online gives list to begin to sell

Categories of articles, product cards, banners advertising, shopping cart, personal area for the clients with its orders realised, formed payment with transference and credit card, and expenses of shipment according to zones of proximity.

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Other services for your webpage

Maintenance WEB

So that your webpage always is updated

Maintenance Web

Positioning SEO

Audit and campaign of positioning

Positioning SEO

Web servers

Management of servers and professional domains

Servers and domains

Security Web

Certificates of security and protection Web

Security in Internet

IContactWebDesign creation, design and development of webpages

In Mitzi Web we are specialized in design of webpages for businesses and professionals that want to distinguish themselves of their competitors in Internet with professionally developed websites.

Our designs Web are attractive and functional improving the experience of the visitors, and causing who the public has one better valuation of your business. Mitzi Web is located in Almeria but we designed webpages for all Spain and with special attention to the adjacent zones: Granada and Murcia.

Your page is extra yours without payments

We gave the ready page to you and working from there no longer you will have to pay no monthly instalment by your webpage, not as in the services of ‘be done you yourself your page’ where every month you will have to continue paying and the day that you stop paying you remain without anything of the work and inverted time. The only thing that you will have to pay annually is the servant and the domain, but as the page is yours you can contract it where it seems better to you.

Our specialty: adaptive Web

Nowadays the visitors sail by Internet with multitude of devices, telephones smartphones, tablets and computers, portable and of tablecloth. The designs that we realised in Mitzi Web are adaptive or adaptable (Responsive Web Design), and adapt to any size of screen and navigator.

Positioning SEO of your webpage

During the creation of your as important page as the design and the development it is that well it is positioned in the finders and that your visitors, clients, find you easily. In Mitzi Web we are specialized in SEO and we will optimize your site for the key words of your company to position it in the organic searches.

Also we managed SEM campaigns for Google Adwords for stores online and companies that want to publicize themselves in Internet.

Webpages of success

These are some of our clients who have prevailed with their webpages.

They are cases of success that combining a design attractive Web, an efficient structure of contents for the positioning SEO and an effective development of functionalities have secured their objectives.

Opinion of our clients

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