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Development of webpages in Granada

We design webpages in Granada, because although our work is in network and we can realise it from any part of the world we are conscious of the importance of counting on somebody near one with that to meet to be able to plan the project or so that does a formation to you on the use of your webpage. For that reason we have an office to meet Jose Luís Perez Pujadas on the street, in the zone of the Park of Sciences of Granada.

Planning of the project Web

The planning of the project is vital so that the webpage works as we waited for and the communication between the designer Web and the client is very important, for it we have decided to reunite to us with our clients of Granada in an office of the capital.

The factors to consider during the planning will be: strategy, methodology, documentation and resources.



We will approach the objectives of the webpage, if it is a store online, the products to sell, the categories and strength that can differentiate to you from the competition. If it is a company or business will be necessary to define the services that offer, the elements that are wanted to emphasize and the promotion that is wanted to give. In this point it is important to realise an analysis of the competition and to approach the positioning actions SEO that are going away to realise.



Once defined the strategy and the objectives it is necessary to decide the way to reach them, in this point the design of the webpage is the key. Attractive and that is in agreement with the business, modern, classic, elegant, functional, minimalist a website,… From our ample experience we will advise to you of what it is the design Web that fits more with your activity. In the end the design of the store online, or the website, will be what confidence to the visitors will generate.



In the end the webpage is only a form of transmission of the information therefore this must be exact and to contain everything on our activity and that the visitor is looking for. The documentation would include so much the texts to add to the Web as imágnes. The writing of contents can be something heavy for the people who are not customary for that reason in IContactWebDesign we offer this service complementarily.



All website needs some resources as are the support on which it is made and a servant online. To our clients we installed a manager to them of contents so that for the work to modify and to add contents in the Web it is really easy. Also we were in charge of all the managements to contract and to form the Web server and the domains, which always are in the name of the client and they belong to him to him.

Since we have already commented the formation is one of our values you can read more in this connection.

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