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There are two factors in the design of webpages that are key:

Positioning SEO
Design Web

Design of pages with good SEO

So that the webpage is visited must have a good positioning in Google. Whatever scope of our company or lies down online are thousands of users in Internet who are looking for our services, for that reason the positioning SEO is vital to generate visits to our site.


The foundations of the page

If the base of our page is not well made Google it will not correctly index it in his index and our SEO will be affected. A clean code, without unnecessary elements, with a good internal structure and a suitable hierarchy of content is the bases of our designs Web. This he is one of the reasons that we advised against the sites of ‘You be done the Web you yourself’ as you can read in this article of my blog.


The content

The content is the most important factor for the SEO and we will advise to you to write up so that your articles are effective and they position themselves for the key words that your company needs.


Social networks

In order to generate visits to your website it is important that one shares in the social networks and that through them they arrive to you usuary. For that reason we add all to our webpages bellboys to eg: share articles of our site in the main social networks Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp and e-mail.

Design of beautiful webpages

Once we have obtained that visitors arrive at our website we must have a design that sees tuna, professional and that it expresses the values that our company or business can offer to them.

It is studied that the users when entering a website take 15 seconds in leaving it less than if it seems to them that page does not go to them to offer what they looked for, and that decision is taken almost always by the visual aspect of the webpage.

We are pending of the new tendencies of design Web so that the pages that we developed have a modern appearance and they are not themselves obsolete nor been out of phase soon after sending them.


Colors, sources and images.

There are many elements that must mix in the design as they are the colors, the typography, the images and the spaces in target even comprise of the design. We were in charge of all that, always counting on the tastes and the directives marked by the client.

The election of the colors is vital, if your company already counts on a corporative image we integrate it of the best way to a design, but you have corporative image we will be in charge to realise one to you.

With the typography many things can be expressed and although unnoticed pass in the design is an essential element. If you want to know more on the different typesetter sources you can read the following article.


Design for mobiles

Nowadays 50% of the visits that will receive your webpage will be of users through mobile or tablet, for that reason he is fundamental that your site is seen well in all the devices. We are specialized in design responsive that assures a experience satisfactory navigation to all the users.

Other keys to consider for the design of your webpage.

Servant and domain

To count on a servant and a domain is essential to have a webpage. But all the servers are not worth. We worked with located professional servers in Spain, who guarantee 99,99% of time online one, which reduces the possibilities that your page is not available to the minimum. We include the first year of domain and servant in all the sites that we designed, and put the domain to name of the client in case in the future he decides to take it to another servant can do it.

Speed of your page

That it doubts fits that if your page takes in loading more than 5 seconds most of the visitors will not even close before seeing it. We had professional servers that they guarantee an optimal response time and we took care of the content of images and necessary archives so that on they load the page.

Security of the page

Google benefits to the pages with certificate of security SSL, this certificate realises encriptado of the information so that it cannot be intercepted by computer science hackers. All the pages that we developed have a certificate SSL and therefore the information transmits by protocol hhtps (safe Protocol of hypertext transference).

Language and geolocalización

If your company needs to catch visitors of other countries we can realise a webpage in several languages to arrive at the possible public major. The golocalización of the servers also is important, if you want to position Spain well our Spanish servers will help you to position to you.

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