20 webpages of lawyers with modern designs

Who has shelp that a website for lawyers must be boring? Here I show 20 examples to you of webpages that break with this taboo, offering modern and innovating designs.

Although all is different have a thing common, these 20 webpages of selected lawyers, and is that they have tried to make something different to show his company. The legal writing desks always had bet to the black one on target to transmit sobriety and veracity, but many have realized that a good strategy of digital marketing is to create more modern webpages, than attract visually. Because to be different itself from the rest of competitors it is not sufficient to throw legal parrafada but you must attract the attention of the users.

List of companies of lawyers with design webpages

The order is random:



This webpage has an election and an excellent treatment of images. Animal photos outside its habitat and with the use of some colors totally trending.

Blaney McMurtry


The cover with a spectacular image in HDR and a totally innovating menu of navigation, with election of alive colors and very in fashion.

Arnold & Itkin


This webpage of a writing desk specialized in marine law good it could sign captain Nemo for its Nautilus, because the entrance to this website gives the sensation you to be submerging you in the ocean.



This Dutch signature has used a totally novel scheme of navigation by their webpage. The passage from a section to another one is realised horizontally and the chosen colors are not the common ones for this type of sites.

Horea Crisan


This website has parallax integrated very well. Parallax is the visual effect that takes place when moving in a webpage and where the elements move at different speeds.

UGGC Advocats


Elegant typography and colors are the most outstanding elements to realise a webpage of very clean and exclusive aspect.



Some photos to complete screen and a model-making of positioning of the content are the main tricks of this webpage.

Nebot Advocats


The navigation bar honors in the design Web of this so modern page. As good strategy of marketing online also has apps, as much to Android as to Apple.

Gecic Law


Another page that counts on a very powerful effect parallax where the different sections from the home page are happening of ahead backwards.

Hodgson Russ


The distribution of the content in this page is very original, with an irregular quarrel where are to the sections and a horizontal displacement.

Taylor Janis


A page with a very beautiful typography, and an election of images very obtained that it secures an elegant and very fine design.

Legal Venture


What it likes me of this page is the cover photo, a very fashionable image with some colors, degrading of the pink mallow to the simply spectacular one.

Odegard Law


Very modern webpage for a writing desk of lawyers. Without use, as soon as of images, but with some very bold colors.

Franke, Sessions & Beckett LLC


This would be the classic conception of a page of lawyers but giving a nut return him to secure through the typography and the colors a modern and elegant page.

YLaw Group


They have been spent dnero in photos of the lawyers of the office and has been worth the pain. They show a vision different from a law firm but without losing the composure. To see the Services section.

Tremain Artaza


Photo of thematic spectacular cover and very moved away of the common one that one assumes to them to the webpages of lawyers.

Shumway Van


Another option of design Web, more reasonable and totally integrable if we used a manager of contents as WordPress.

Calgary Defence


Another page that has based the design on some different photos of the equipment. And it is that you do not say that they do not seem removed from a series of lawyers of Netflix.



They have bet hard by the images of the lawyers of the company and it has come out to them well. Good typography, videos and images to offer a modern and elegant site.

Garrigues Advocats


The list could not need a Spanish office, could have more without a doubt. The USA a distribution of the very novel content to well articulated complete screen and. It is a very original page in his way to show the content.

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