Security in stores online: as installing certificates SSL in wordpress

To install SSL in store online WordPress

In many portals Web where the security is the fundamental thing we can see that next to the name of the Web, in the direction bar, it appears a small padlock of green color. If we phelp attention a little more we will see that direction URL begins by the letters https, instead of the classic HTTP, that means that webpage uses a certificate of security SSL and therefore is a safe webpage.

What is certificate SSL

Certificate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, in Spanish Layer of Safe Ports) is a cryptographic method that assures the privacy the data sent and received by Internet. It works with two keys, public and another prevailing, and any information that is sent needs the two keys to be deciphered, reason why some hacker would cut the communications without those keys could not accede to the information.

Where to obtain the certificate.

There are several companies that issue certificates of security SSL. A easy solution is to ask for the certificate to your supplier of hosting and that is in charge he to install it and to activate it. The price of certificate SSL varies from a company to another one and can be between 25‚¬ until 50‚¬ annual, even are suppliers of hosting that include it between their plans of hosting of gratuitous way. The maintenance of webpage surely SSL, once phelp the certificate, is the same that an uncertain page.

Once asked for the activated certificate and we can verify his correct installation in this webpage where we only must introduce the domain and it will tell us if it has active certificate SSL.

To form wordpress so that it works with the SSL

To once they have installed us and activated the SSL from hosting we see that in our page nothing has changed and not yet https appears neither the green padlock nor the protocol, so that our page works in safe way must redirect the complete website of HTTP to https. Next I am going to explain how to do it in a page in wordpress.

Redirection of the domain in WordPress.

A redirection of the domain means that all the page of our website that before was opened with normal protocol HTTP,, now must open with the security protocol https,, for it are several forms: by hand changing to the file .htaccess or using plugin.

The modification of the tedious file htaccess can be something and complicated, for this reason we recommended that those that are not expert leave the task of redirection into the hands of pluggin. If of all ways you want to modify the file by hand in this page you have the answer.

Redirection to traverse plugins

Plugins of wordpress are several that redirect the domain, if you write https redirection in the picture search to install new plugin of wordpress that appears to you several pluggins. We will use plugin Easy HTTPS Redirection that he has more than 20,000 active facilities and 4 stars of reputation.

Easy HTTPS Redirection

Once installed and activated plugin we can open to his configuration in Adjustments €“ > Https Redirection. In the screen of plugins we must activate the two squares that appear. When we activate first, To activate automatic redirections to HTTPS, appears a selection, we must choose the first option, The whole domain, the whole domain. We must leave it everything as it appears in the photo and press the button To keep Changes.

To redirect https in wordpress

On foot of page it appears a warning in red that it notices us that once activated the redirection if the website stops working we must accede to the file .htaccess and erase all the lines that have added plugin that will be between the commentaries # BEGIN HTTPS Redirection Plugin and # END HTTPS Redirection Plugin.

To redirect all the internal liaisons and directions of the images.

Once we have redirected of HTTP to https we go to the page of home of our Web and see that next to the direction it appears a yellow triangle of warning. That is because although we have changed the redirection of site within the Web still are old internal page connections with protocol HTTP and images with directions HTTP. For it we will need search all the references in our data base and to change them to Plugins are several able search and to replace words within the data base, as for example Better Search Replace, but I prefer WP Migrates DB to you.

To migrate wordpress

Before realising the changes in the data base we must realise a backup copy in case we were mistaken in some step. Once endorsed the data base we go to Tools €“ > Migrates DB to you, in the screen we selected Find & Replace, as it appears in the following image. In picture Find the text we must as much put the direction of our domain preceded by HTTP with the three double uve, www, as without them. In pictures Replace the text we will put the direction of our domain preceded by hhtps. The rest of options we can leave them so what. Before pressing the button Find & Replace we must make sure that in pictures Replace the text it appears our domain written correctly, once checked we can come. Once finished the process it will show a picture to us of dialogue with the number of found and replaced coincidences.

To migrate data base wordpress

Now we go to the main page of our site and verified that indeed already it appears the green padlock next to our direction, and if clicamos she exceeds informs to us that the connection with this website is private.

Added value to your store online.

Although the most delicate data as they are the data of the banking card of the clients, normally, are realised through tpv in an external property of bank and totally safe Web, it would have to be almost obligatory to offer this safe and private connection through protocol SSL, in our store online so that the client introduces his data with total confidence. Since we have seen the price of the certificate, from 25‚¬/a±o, the adjustment of ours wordpress, or the cost of the maintenance is not excuse not to have a store online that offers total security to our clients.

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