The most common failures of your mobile phone, that you can fix you yourself

Failures of your mobile that you can repair you yourself

That the telephone falls and the screen is broken can ruin the day to him to anyone. Although the majority of mobile phones is not designed to be able to be repaired by we ourself, with the suitable tools and a little knowledge we can be saved money in repairs enough.

To consider before opening the telephone

Surely it would not be necessary to say it, but we will say it anyway: to open your mobile phone will cause that you lose the guarantee of the manufacturer if still you have it. If you have contracted an insurance for Smartphone you will not be able to make any claim once you have chosen car to repair the telephone. If you feel comfortable with a screwdriver of precision and the electronic components, we go to it. Against, if you are uncertain or you are not wanted to risk, it speaks with the manufacturer or some repairer of mobiles before opening the telephone.

Ten in account that are small flaws that can be repaired easily with these tricks to fix your smartphone without needing having to open the mobile.

Necessary tools.

It does not concern the model nor the brand of telephone that you are going to repair, are a few tools that you will need almost always. Some mobiles are easier to open than others, but essentially these are the necessary tools:

Tools to repair mobile

  • Game of precision screwdrivers. Smartphone is full of small screws of different types, you need a game precision screwdrivers that you can find in ironworks or stores of electronic components. Following the quality of the material of that they are done the heads of the screwdriver will last more or less.
  • Special heads of screwdriver. Some models of mobiles, especially iPhone modern, use special screws that a standard game of screwdrivers cannot open. You will need to buy the special mall pillows to open those devices.
  • Handles of screen. A very important tool, that surely you do not have at the moment in your toolbox, is a plastic handle. It is a very cheap tool and it is used to separate parts that are pressed together. It must of being of plastic not to damage the components.

The most common repairs.

To repair to screen and tactile mobile

All the failures that can have your mobile do not have easy solution yes but some. Following the type of telephone that you have and of the cover of your insurance, it will much more leave cheap to repair it you yourself to you. These are some of the more common repairs of mobile phone, and advice to take them to end:

Tactile screen or broken.

To change a broken screen can be quite cheap or tremendously expensive following how it is constructed, in both cases first that you will have to do it is to disassemble the device (we underneath left connections to tutorial for the most common telephones). In many cases, the crystal and the tactile one (that are the layer that transforms the pulsations into electrical impulses) can be united in such a way that they are not possible to be taken off and in those cases the repair will be expensive. If it is not thus you can buy a spare part crystal by very little money.

In the cases in that the tactile one is not fused with the crystal, one can be replaced as much as the other following the failure. Both are simple to repair, to be able to separate the tactile device of the crystal of the telephone is used a thread of very fine wire that is made slide between both surfaces. Connections to guides of repair of the main telephones of the 2 last years.

Connector, jack, of the earpieces.

To repair movable connector auricular

Any part of the mobile that is put under manipulation more is exhibited than others to spoil, and the connector of the earpieces is one of these pieces. Sometimes due to the use, to the connection and abrupt disconnection of the earpieces it does that the connector release of his contacts with the plate.

Once the telephone is open, the jack of the earpieces is relatively easy and cheap to replace, sure first you must it have opened. There are devices that are more difficult to open than others, as for example HTC One, on this telephone does not matter that piece you must change all are difficult. The connector of the earpieces normally is a loose piece that of the telephone is connected directly to the motherboard, but other times comprises of the loudspeaker of the mobile. It verifies in the following list as changing the connector of the earpieces of your model of telephone:

To repair to connector movable jack

Loose or clogged bellboys

Like the connector of the earpieces the bellboys are so easy to change as easy it is the telephone to open. They With a little manna can be secured spare parts for almost all the bellboys of our mobile and be changed. In any case if you do not feel safe and you fear to break the telephone are possible to be realised enough functions of the bellboys through software, for example for Android it is Button Savior and Button Savior Non Root, and for iPone it is the AssistiveTouch program that can be found in Apple Store.

To repair movable button

The majority of the bellboys is connected by means of very delicate cables to the motherboard, reason why hardware must be very careful when replacing. A pile of manuals can be found how to change the bellboys of ignition, volume or camera in Internet, only assures to you of completely to have read the tutorial before buying the spare parts.

To change the camera of the mobile.

To repair movable camera

It is relatively rare that the camera of a telephone is broken, normally only breaks the crystal, but in case of having to replace the sensor it is a relatively easy repair, always following the type of telephone. Normally the camera is only connected by a cable, but it is the crystal which is broken often is sufficient to change the outer crystal without having to disconnect the camera of the motherboard. Here I leave some tutorials you of how changing the crystal of your mobile phone.

To change movable camera

Where to find the tutorial to repair your mobile

Due to the great amount of mobile phones and the differences in how they are constructed, the majority of the repairs will need a specific tutorial for that model of telephone. Luckily Internet is plagued of manuals step by step to repair to mobiles of any brand and model. The most important pages dedicated to realise repair manuals are:

  • iFixit: It is a very extensive data base with almost all the possible repairs of almost any mobile phone.
  • eTrade Supply: This webpage to part to have the manuals sells the spare parts to realise those repairs.
  • XDA: It is a professional forum where there is thread multitude on repair of mobiles with true experts.
Tutorial to repair mobile

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