WordPress in several languages. Plugins multilanguage.

Wordpress in several Languages

WordPress offers several tools to be able to have our webpage, blog, in several languages. A multilingual blog offers multiple advantages and most evident it is the reach to potential a public major. Evidently if you have, for example, a blog published in two of the used languages more in Internet, English and Castilian, your public target increases considerably.

It has, basically, two ways to publish your blog in several languages: automated or manual, next I explain both methods and their advantages and disadvantages to you.

Translation of the webpage of automatic way.

The recognized automatic translator more in the world is the translator of Google, and wordpress has some plugin to integrate it in your website among others, as they are Google Website Translator by Prisna.net, Google Translate or plugin Google Translate WordPress €œWP Translate.

Advantages of the automatic translator.

  • I chose Google Website Translator by Prisna.net, to have a score in the official page of plugins for wordpress of 4,9 on 5. Plugin allows of way rapid­sima you to offer translations of your website in all the languages that Google Translate has.

    Wordpress translation with Google Translate

  • The installation is fast, as any plugin of wordpress, and the configuration is very simple, we only must little choose the original language in which our blog is written and more.
  • We can choose where to show widget of translation, if to put it in the bar of widgets or to insert it within the article by means of shortcode.

Disadvantages of the automatic translator.

  • The translations, although have improved much, they do not finish satisfying and really sometimes it costs to understand the translated thing. The translation is totally automatic and, sometimes, devoid of sense.
  • New content is not generated reason why it affects to our positioning SEO, neither it improvement nor makes worse it.

Translation manual to two, or more, languages. Site Multi-language

If what we want it is to generate we ourself the content in other languages we can use plugin that allows to exchange between the equal pages but in different languages. Example of these plugins that allows us to have a WordPress multilingual real is: WPML, plugin Polylang, or plugin WPGlobus €“ Multilingual Everything! , among others.

Advantages of plugin multilingual

  • I chose Polylang, to have a score in the official page of plugins for wordpress of 4,8 on 5. In the configuration of plugin they are due to add the different languages in which our Web will be translated and to assign one of them as main language.

    Plugin WordPress Multilenguaje

  • With this plugin installed it allows to assign to a language to each page or post you of your blog, and to connect with a page in another language, so that when you change of language from the selector it exchanges between these connected pages.

    Plugin WordPress Polylang

  • In the section of menus also we can assign a different menu for each installed language.
  • Widgets can be formed to appear in a certain language or to be for all the languages.
  • You are generating contained new in different languages which causes that google indexes your page in the different languages in which is published, very good for the positioning SEO. For the positioning we can choose between showing to the complementary languages as a subdomain or as a folder within the menu root, example: fr.midomino.com or midominio.com/fr/
  • The language commutator you can anywhere add it of the webpage that admits insertion of widgets.

Disadvantages of a site multi-language

  • The only and main disadvantage is that it requires more work, because you must write content in so many languages as you are publishing.
  • The maintenance of the Web is complicated a little
  • The rest is advantages as much in SEO and positioning as in extension of target visitor.

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