The content, the best strategy SEO

Importance of the content of quality in the webpage

They have already been back those times of which to be able to position itself in the web search engines consisted of following some certain actions and a countless number of technical tricks that the SEO experts executed mechanically without concerning thematic of the Web nor the niche of public to whom he went directed. Some of these techniques of SEO that already have been obsolete was: to repeat key words over and over again, to add to goal keywords, to add hidden content, etc.

Nowadays to realise a good SEO we must know clearly which is the objective of the great web search engines: to offer the best results and of more utility to the realised consultation to maintain to the public sailing in Google or other web search engines.

Therefore a good strategy of SEO must consist of:

  1. Assure to you that the pages of your site have the best content and of high quality for the more excellent key words of your site.
  2. Assure to you that Google and other web search engines are conscious that you are the best one in your subject.

That poses the question €“

What understand the finders by content of quality?

In the last years, Google and other motors of searches have become intelligent much more about the content understanding as much of the website and as from the experience of the user. Google has published clear directives of quality that are a great frame of reference.

The good news is that, almost always, the content that is good, and useful, for the visitors also is it for Google.

Experience of user of Quality

The first part of the quality is to assure to you that your site is of confidence.

Your site must be free of Spam, malware and other problems. Announcements excessive or pages full of connections without content, are signals that your site is not of confidence. In Google Search Console they will tell you if they detect some problem in his site.

It optimizes the speed of load of your website.

At the most fast your better page was loaded will be the experience of the user. And, the studies have demonstrated that a faster site also turns it into better. Tools exist online to measure the speed of your page as for example, and to see where the delays take place.

The website must be adapted to mobiles.

Google began to label the sites optimized for mobiles in the results search east autumn, probably giving to preference to which they are responsive.

The freshness is also a factor.

A site that has not updated in months or years is very probable that it is of quality inferior. Without frequent updates it is possible that the finders prioritize in their results sites that are more often updated.

The spelling errors and I connect broken are signs of a site of bad quality.

Tools as www.brokenlinkcheck.compara exist to verify the health of your Web.

The content is the king for google

Content of Quality

Content of quality can be defined as a text that is original, it is written with clarity, and he is excellent for the consultation search that the user realised.

The pages of your site must, to a large extent, concentrate the individual subjects €“ and individual nonkey words. But it is important that the content includes the key words or phrases that you wish to position in the finders of natural way in the text.

The process to choose the suitable key words is one of the most important parts of SEO and is a great subject in itself. Nevertheless there are some directives that can help us in the election:

  • What key words use the people who really are interested in my subject/product/service/in the search?
  • What phrases of key words at the moment are generating the traffic site?
  • What phrases of key words direct the traffic to sites of my competitors?
  • With what frequency people look for certain phrases of key words?

Google Trends is a useful tool to help to understand how the patrons search change with time, and also he can help us to choose the more important key words for our campaign of SEO.

Content of quality also is reflected in the metric ones of commitment, that we can extract of Google Analytics. Metric as the percentage of abandonments and duration of the session allows a web search engine to determine the degree of satisfaction of a visitor with the result. If your webpage is offering, a value really differentiated, that will be reflected in your metric ones of commitment.

Help to the web search engines to understand your content

Although the web search engines are much more intelligent than they used to be, that does not mean that they do not need a little help. You must do all the possible one so that the web search engines find the information in your site.

Your site must be organized well. The structure of directories for your pages helps to the people and the web search engines to understand and to sail by your content.

Another form to help the web search engines to understand their site is the internal liaisons, connections of a part from your site to another part of your site. If you have any bond in which the text of the anchor is €œClicks here€ you are going to waste an opportunity so that the web search engines know that it deals with the page to which we connected.

Also four basic concepts of SEO exist on-page that we cannot forget:

  • Each page in your website must have a unique title that it describes which it deals with that page.
  • The images must have text €œalt€, that describes them.
  • To avoid several pages with the same content.
  • Its robots.txt file does not have to be blocking to the web search engines.

How know does Google that its content is important?

In the end, even if you have followed all the better practices of quality and the technical directives, still you must compete with many other sites by the traffic search.

One of the first innovations key of Google was the PageRank €“ this index was based on the idea that the connections to a webpage are as votes to measure the importance of this page in the global Web. When other sites connect to your site they indicate that your content is of high credibility. When people share your content in the social networks indicates that he is valuable or interesting for them.

Many strategies of SEO are centered in the acquisition of connections. Although the incoming connections to your site are still a very important part of SEO, the SEO modern more is oriented to gain connections through the effective writing of contents €“ the creation of contents that are interesting, valuable and compartibles. It is easier to say the one than to do it!

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