Nine questions that you must make to your designer Web before ordering a page

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At the time of realising a project of design of webpage one of more important keys for the success it is the communication between the client and the agency of design. To obtain a webpage that offers exactly what it is requested to him and that adjusts to the type of wished design is knowledge question, the more know the two parts on the project the more will adjust to the awaited thing.

For the clients it is important to know that they offer the designers to them Web, in whom terms and that price. For the designers it is necessary to know the product to sell or to publicize, and the public to who is oriented.

All the users are not expert in programming and design Web, nor lack that does, work has a proprietor in taking enough, organizing and to project their own business, for that reason in this article I will set out the nine questions that the owner of the business must know on the designers Web that will realise their page to him.

How long last will the project?

Make sure that you are conscious of how long will take the creative process and of development of the website. To understand the steps, from the initial stages to the launching of the website. It asks about which the approvals or other things that you will have to do throughout the construction of the site so that not to slow down the process.

What other services are lent?

Find out everything what offers so that it can determine if is more than a development company Web everything-in-one, or simply a company of graphical design. Some companies include the design of the logo, the services of social networks, services of SEO, hosting, names of domain, etc

How much it is going to cost?

This will be, by all means, determined by the work and the detail required for the website. Things as the number of pages, amount of design images, the required special characteristics (blog, forms of contact, sale online, etc) will increase the price.

What I need to do?

To understand its paper in the process of development. For example, it is possible that it must provide texts, images and videos with the purpose of to reflect his product accurately/service. The designers also will need their logo. To prepare all the material that can before home.

He will offer himself/includes the formation?

This question is very important. If you wish to maintain his website and to add or to change content is essential to understand how it updates his website and the operation of the content manager Web. It asks if formation is offered to administer its webpage.

What happens if the site is broken, it is hackeado, or it works bad?

Make sure to verify on the procedure in case of problems. The websites are businesses 24/7. In case of operation problems to clarify that will become position of the necessary adjustments and if it will be had recent backup copies to recover the page.

Realised is a investigation of the competition before initiating the project?

The majority of the designers is not expert in the field of the businesses. To have a list of websites of the competition and to make its own investigation on the similar competitors and companies can help to articulate ideas for the new website.

Is the webpage compatible with mobile phones or responsive?

This is very important nowadays! Make sure that its website is accessible through mobile phones and tablets. It does not lose the opportunity to gain a great amount of potential sales because his designer is not with the tendencies that can affect their positioning in the web search engines.

Who owns the name of the site/domain/hosting?

Make sure in the future that the designer registers the domain to his name or the one of his business, if wants to change of design company or of hosting the domain belongs to him to you and you do not have more problems. To find out if the domain and the lodging are including in their plan.


With these nine questions, any businessman can easily begin the process of interview for a developer Web. A development company Web with history must be able to respond to these questions, as well as to anticipate some question without answer. With a solid understanding of the proprietor needs as much of the company and developer Web, the association is going to produce a successful website, but reasonable.

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