Five tendencies of old-fashioned design Web

5 tendencies in the old-fashioned design Web

Sometimes I have spoken from this blog of the tendencies in design of webpages and in this article I am going to speak than no longer he is fashionable or than no longer one takes in the creation of websites.

The fashions are fleeting, and in the fast world of computer science a fashion can expire to the few months. Here I set out ways to work that they have consolidated strongly in the world of the design Web and that we would have to try to go parking them, because if we will not see how our designs of pages do not shine equal of modern that those of the competition.

Goodbye to the movable version of the webpages.

With the inclusion of smartphones the design companies were sent to program specific webpages for these devices. At the moment this tendency is of fallen layer and what responsive demands the market is design or adaptive to the device.

The users of more numerous mobiles are every day, in EE. UU. 55% of the visits to webpages are realised from device movable, and no longer it is sufficient with detecting by means of programming the type of device of the user and serving a page to him in agreement with his screen. The users are more demanding and want to have the same functionalities from their mobile phone that from its computer, therefore the responsive design (or responsive design) fits the content of the webpage to the context of the users, adapting to the width of the device without clearing content to the page.

In fact, Google is even proposing to use the design responsive to improve the SEO of your website, since it reduces the necessity of multiple subdomains and contained duplicate. The versions for mobiles of websites are a tendency of the past designs a single page that is seen well in all the devices.

Goodbye to the Flash.

HTML sustitye to Flash

The great ones have given the back to the technology based on Flash, Apple does not accept it, Google ignores it and it does not index it in his finder, Android in future versions has announced that the reproducer by defect in its navigators will not install, Flash is thing of the past.

With the improvements introduced with the HTML 5 and CCS 3 there is excuse no to continue realising presentations in flash, and much less whole webpages. The new standard of HTML is able to reproduce videos, audio and animations. It is hour to change that old page with animation in Flash to the modern standards of programming.

The aim of the loaded text sites.

As it increases visual mass media in importance in all the Internet, a surprising diminution in the websites has taken place by far text. Instead of to tell to the things in a paragraph or block of text, the current trend is the visual narration. The text has been reduced to the essential, whereas the images, videos and graphs are used more and more to spread the information.

For the sites that by their thematic nature and are text based, there is a tendency towards richer experiences in content €“ text integrated with images, video more activity really. Now, the websites count on one better text integration with visual components to give to the users a more interactive experience. The combination of content and visual effects to count a history can help to even maintain the attention of the most impatient users of Internet.

No longer you write up thinking about SEO.

One is not due to write up thinking about SEO

Until now search engine optimization had been obtained writing up contained oriented to the SEO, with a strategy of key words. But with the new algorithms of the Google finder it is more difficult to deceive to him and no longer it is worth to contribute empty content to us with the key words that we want to position.

Instead of to write for the SEO we must begin to write up thinking about the users. It is the importance that the users give us to our articles which Google will consider at the time of indexing our site. The approach from the point of view of the keyword is an approach mistaken for the modern SEO, and it will only be able to be penalized, according to the new directives.

Goodbye to the low resolutions, hello Flat Design

From the appearance of the Apple devices with retina screen the device movable has made a jump of quality in graphical resolution. Every time they are plus the devices, Apple, Android, portable and on table with a capacity of pixel by inch superior.

If we insisted on showing the old photographies with resolutions below the 200 dpi these new devices will not shine as well as they would have. You haven't phelp attention to those pages that you do not know because but are much more the beautiful photos? It is easy, use images of quality with resolutions over 200dpi.

Connecting with this, as much Apple as Windows 8 has taken as reference the Flat Design, or flat design, this type of design tries minimalistest possible eliminating to be degraded, superfluous shades and all those elements in the design. As result we have webpages that shine really beautiful uniting simplicity and great resolutions.

Flat design or plane

These are the great tendencies that have left gurºs of the design Web. And you? To what delays to modernize your page?

You do not forget to leave to your commentaries and opinions that always are enriching.

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