Gu­a SEO for stores online and e-comerce

Positioning in stores online

Sailing by the webpage of presentations in slides I ran into with a titled presentation SEO for Ecomerce: A compressible guide, who tries on the positioning of stores online focused so much from the design of the webpage to marketing in social networks.

The essential points SEO in a virtual store that are approached in the presentation are the following:

To pitch a competitive tent online at level SEO.

  • You must create a brand, a name that it identifies to your products.
  • You need to be different itself from the competitors, if you offer the same will much more cost to open market to you.
  • The webpage must have a good design and be realised technically well. With a good design you will convince the visitors and of a robust and effective structure you will take control indexable for the finders.
  • It is necessary to create a content strategy.

Techniques of positioning

The improvement of your webpage at technical level must be your first priority.

It creates small lists of priorities grouped by subjects and not a list of improvements interminable SEO.

The more high-priority technical questions are the following:

Duplication (by general one takes place concerning product):

  • It uses positioning tools to investigate duplicated pages.
  • Concentrate you in the pages that already are indexed in google.
  • It tracks and it verifies the webpage you yourself.
  • Manten the indexable site for the robots of Google.

Directed navigation (it creates you rule for the robots of Google so that they index what it interests to you and not what they want)

  • Nofollow for nonessential pages in indexing uses rel = (for example color, price).
  • To add rel = canonical in the connections to products of sample book pages with all the enumerated products.
  • To use robots.txt to exclude nonessential or duplicated pages.


  • Not to index lists nor searches.
  • To consolidate pages using rel = prev/next and rel= canonical.
  • To use robots.txt to exclude nonessential or duplicated pages.

Speed of the website (important)

  • 40% of the visitors go to leave your webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds in loading.
  • Every second of reduced charge to a 7% the rate of conversion.
  • To use tools online to measure and to see the speed of the page and the problems of load.

Search in the own webpage (it must be fast, offer valuable information, take to the conversion and have a participation discharge):

A picture search in its situated Web must be realised the following questions when implementing:

  • How much does organic traffic arrive through a page search?
  • Which are the metric ones of commitment of those visits?
  • Are the pages search indexing pages nonwished?
  • They are causing problems of duplicated content?


  • It makes his accessible webpage from all the devices with a responsive or adaptable design.
  • It diminishes the redirections, he is preferable to have a single webpage responsive that several versions for writing-desk, tablet and mobile.
  • To offer to the users of tablet the version writing-desk of its store online.

Positioning in facebook

Positioning of your store in the social networks

Generally, Facebook is the one that will bring more visits to us, to also consider Pinterest with a very fast growth.

The traditional model of sales no longer reflects the atmosphere of the stores in line €“ we must appear in more means and being more assets corporate.

Functions to realise in the social networks:

  • Monitoring of the affiliations and preferences.
  • To respond to the users management of the reputation, and service to the client
  • To amplify: to realise recommendations, to promote the brand, to foment the communities.
  • To lead €“ it brings back to consciousness name brand, product launchings, supplies, contributions of the consumers

To remember of social means:

  • The trip of the consumer has changed, we must accompany to the buyer all the way until the sale.
  • The new model reflects the stages where the brands can exert influence
  • The experience name brand of a user takes place in the social networks

Positioning onsite and improves of the content.

Original content is limited (for example, the pages of categories, product pages, guides, commentaries, blogs) reason why the experience of the user is fundamental.

Options that would have to take when a product is permanently outside stock:

  • 301 to redirigir available to a URL for a product.
  • Page 404 if any product does not exist available.
  • To continue showing the page and but to show alternative product recommendations (better option)

When the product is temporarily outside stock, to show to the page of the product with information on the date of replacement of the product and alternative product recommendations.

To present a useful content in the pages of categories, since they are important centers of content.

Your inventory is your content (for example, guides of buyers, commentaries). Creative in the form in which you present them.

To spend too much time in SERP, search impacts CTR and to even offer product classifications.

Analysis and information

  • You do not focus to you in key words €“ it tries to analyze subjects or types of pages instead of key words, more popular pages and categories.
  • To concentrate in metric important €“ the Income from organic searches, organic traffic by web search engine, type of organic conversion, content of groups.
  • The metric ones of commitment are important €“ the percentage by ricochet, the time in the page, number of pages by visit, time in the site.
  • It uses more of a package of analysis €“ to use a variety of tools and to draw global conclusions.

It lets a commentary