Ten advice to repair and to improve your Smartphone telephone so that it seems new

These are some advice who can help us with the maintenance of our telephone and thus to save hundreds to us of Euros in repairs or changes of telephone.

1. To replace lined screen or defeat

A simple blow or a fall of the telephone can bring about the breakage or cracks in your screen, could seem that the only solution went to send the mobile to the technical service or to change the terminal Nevertheless, the substitution of the screen of the telephone is in fact quite easy, not to mention much more that cheap. You don't create to us? A look throws to this manual where it is explained how to change to the screen of a Iphone 3G or to a Galaxy SII.

2. To revive a wet telephone, With Rice!

Many you probably have heard speak before of this trick, and she really works. If your telephone gets wet accidentally, you can try to dry it and clear the humidity to him with this method. It buries the mobile in a coat of the fastest there rice than you can, and to leave it during one or two days (at the most time, better).

3. To smooth persistent scratches.

He is inevitable: the telephones are scratched. If it is not by the keys or the currencies of the pocket, it can scratch with the sand and the dirt. If you want to maintain your perfect telephone, you can brush the later part with a very fine sandpaper (grain the 1200 or finest one) to obtain smooth the shining surface and (here the manual). The screen is another subject, the only way to avoid scratches is using protective, you yourself you can do a homemade protector to you of screen, or using sticky tape transparency or with paper of slides. But the telephone already is lined, can be chosen to replace the screen.

4. A telephone Bricked relives apparently

If you think to do jailbreak to your iPhone or to rotear your android to release them, you must be conscious of the possibility of brickear the telephone, that is to say, to spoil the telephone so that no longer it ignites and has become a brick (brick). Luckily, they exist in Internet multitude of manuals to fix to the effect brick of your Iphone (Method 2) or of your android (Method 1, Method 2, Method 3).

5. To replace a dead battery or on the verge of dying

The batteries do not last for always. After some years, it is probable that its battery does not retain the same load that before, so it is hour to secure a replacement. That is easy for the users of Android, but the users of iPhone have a little more work, either use the official service of change of batteries of Apple or bought the battery by Internet and followed the instructions of this video to change the battery.

6. To repair clogged Bellboys or who do not respond

You have a button that only works half of the times, or a button that cannot be pressed until the bottom? Sometimes, it is possible to be fixed only with giving a small dose him of alcohol with a cotton, presses the button several times, sometimes the dirt that towards which it worked bad the button dissolves and returns to be as new. If no, most probable he is than you need to replace the button completely. Often cheap spare parts in Internet can be found. If it gives fear to open the terminal you, the broken button with software solutions can always be compensated.

7. Cooling of a superheated telephone.

The overheat of the telephone can produce a deterioration of the battery, this can have because of the software or to a problem of hardware its telephone. It can help to stop applications much that continue running on the telephone in way even hopes and not to allow that many applications are executed at the same time, for this we will use a manager of applications who allows us to have control exceeds what he is executed and to finish processes. Another remedy is to let breathe the terminal a little. If it is possible, not to drown it in your pocket, and clears that nontranspirable cover to him to see if that help, the silicone covers or plastic are lousy for the refrigeration of the mobiles. The more cooled you maintain your telephone the more life will have the battery.

8. To fix lens of broken camera.

Perhaps lens of the camera of your mobile phone is broken or bordered, or perhaps what you wish it is to take first planes with greater quality. If you have reproducer of an old or broken DVD that way, she as a lens of camera on the telephone can be recycle the small lens that uses and be used. If you wish to replace the present lens, you will have to open the telephone and to make a little surgery, but what you want is to realise images macro, you can place the lens of dvd upon your present objective to obtain the same effectiveness.

9. Connector of loudspeakers spoiled.

Like in the port of embarkation, the connector of earpieces can also be full with down and other rubbish of your pockets. When that happens, the telephone can have problems of connection of the earpieces. There is no necessity to open the telephone or to take it to fix. Simply with bastoncito of cotton, to which we will clear part to him of the cotton so that it fits by the orifice, can eliminate the dirt and that stays as new.

10. To fix a port of embarkation with a small stick of teeth

With time, the micro-USB port of load of your telephone, can be obstructed, until the point of which the shipper could even not fit. Luckily, the solution is much more simple than it seems: the only thing that you need is a fine small stick, sharpened to be able to clear something of down and dirt.

If your telephone has a more serious failure, than it cannot be solved with estruses tricks, you can try to read the following article where is to the method of repair of the failures most common in the Smartphones, as are broken screens, change of cameras, run aground bellboys, substitution of spoiled parts of your mobile.

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  1. The one to put the mobile in rice to absorb the humidity works if the telephone has taken humidity but not if it has gotten wet literally. I do not believe that it works with mobiles that are fallen within the water.

  2. then first him key when water xperia s and dismounts it we let it in rice two hours and volvio to work, if also it is truth that to the week towards rare things the telephone but today continues working very well

  3. Hello, they look at my case, I have nokia 5130 which me has been tremendous telephone, although always it good care. He happens that he buys a silicone cover to him who seems been born in the telephone, but I nor dreamed that this podia to spoil and if, but thank heavens that the water I do not arrive at the river as she says herself. Suddenly I am with that podia not to send nor to receive SMS, the calls telephone happened directly to the voice mail, I take it then to the specialized premises, I say, I am of Uruguay, Montevideo, situated the place so that they have left, Mercedes street corner Rio Branco, believe that the house is called something as well as movable zone, in short, received $ 150 to give me estimated me, as soon as they opened it told me that it was dunked and that habia that to do to him before nothing a general cleaning, which me salia $ 700, so volvi without leaving it to me. Not me habia fallen in the water, nor habia used in places by far steam as to be the bathroom or the kitchen, so it arrives at coclusion from which the humidity that tapeworm was thanks to the famous fundita of silicone that towards more or less a month habia bought to him. Then. takes off it, abri, removes battery and cards without and micro and I gave to a little sun 3 days him, later him pass from a little far and by very just a short time a dryer of hair. The other I updated everything in its place and there it was my telephone working to the hair as usual. If habra that to intensify ja ja ja, the cover by the way I do not put it but, I have much more a great one of fabric that is the one that use when I take it in the portfolio or some pocket, but of these others those of silicones Never But!

  4. I have the front camera of the broken mobile. I realized the day after which a technician changed the touch screen to me (that was broken to me a few months ago) when wanting to make a photo a message says me €œcannot be acceded to the camera€. They say me in the Technical Service when I went to protest to them that the camera is broken and that although has worked to me until the day that I took the mobile to them, was broken because of the blow that it had months ago and that because of that blow, have been now when changing to me the screen when the camera has stopped working€¦ I cannot demand nothing because the screen spare part takes it I (the mobile is Zopo910 and the screen pedi to China) and I signed the warning of which they did not become person in charge of the bad operation of the telephone after the change of screen. Good, assumed that I do not have front camera. You know if I have some form to be able to accede to the back camera? Some program that way that allows it to me? Thanks and Greetings to all.

  5. the one of the rice if that works that cu±ao him callus the reason in the spanish stew clean him grasilla to the rice 2 days and goes away well and later perfectly it is a Sony ericcson xperia neon

  6. My problem is that, when I connect it, it appears to me a white triangle in whose interior there is an admiration sign downwards. Thus it remains and it does not let to me do nothing.
    Please, help me. Thanks.

  7. Hello good, me key the mobile to the ground (p8 is huawei lite) and yesterday broke the crystal to me that this in front of the lens of the camera doing so it is blurred and with bad quality, thanks beforehand.

  8. Holaaaa! I need help I have a Xperia Xa and 13 the back camera that is of mp this super ones boasted that seems of 2mp and because the cover (not that another name has) does not remove€¦ Where alive there are €œno good€ technicians and certainly if I go haran a total nuisance and they removed much silver to me€¦. I do not know what to do

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