Election of the sources for the design of a webpage

When to confront the design of a webpage an element that is most important but that it happens almost unnoticed is the font. With the typography one transmits so many sensations as with the colors of our design, since the most important part of a webpage is the text the source chosen for the body is decisive at the time of transmitting one or the other emotion.

In the world of the typography five basic types of sources exist: serif, sans serif, script (they imitate the writing manual), decorative (we would include the €˜comic sans€™ and all the letters of fantasy here) and monospace (all the letters have the same width).

Typesetter sources

The election of a source or another one is something intuitive and that obtains with proving different typographies, there is no rule that says that a font will work in our webpage, but exist some small keys that if we followed will help us in the design.

The first and most important one is than our text must be legible, therefore we will discard the decorative types script and. Although it seems to us that the letter is most original and beautiful of all the reading of this type of sources it becomes difficult.

The size of the letter must be the sufficient one not to force the view. The designers Web we began almost always with a size of letter of 12px, and from it is possible there to be increased following the source.

The interlineado one must be sufficient so that the text tight but to not as showing great emptinesses it between lines is not seen quite great, the interlineado correct size of would be 1,5 times the size of the letter approximately.

The sources type monospace also discarded. When having all the letters the same width the words become largu­simas and a fluid reading of the text is not obtained.

For the body of the text always we will use sources of the type serif or sans-serif, now I will explain the differences.

Fuentes Serif or Sans-serif.

Sources type Serif and Sans-serif

What is a source serif?

The typesetter sources serif, or with sarifa, are the sources whose letters finish with small decorations in their ends, as if the letters had small feet, caps or tails.

Widely they are used in impression and is the easier font and comfortable to read, since all the letters are different enough some from another our mind recognizes them with more facility and the reading becomes more agile.

What is a letter sans-serif?

The sources sans-serif, or without sarifa, lack decoration in the ends, are the wood letter.

Its use became general with the computers. A computer screen rarely surpasses the resolution of 100 DPI, whereas the press has a resolution superior to the 300 DPI. The letter sans-serif when having less decoration supports better the low resolutions.

What font I use?

You can use a font serif for your website, if you wish to transmit one of these qualities: warm, personal, artistic, majestic, traditional, preservative or intellectual. The sources serif effective as are headed, for the text of the main body and the documents that is destined to being unloaded and being printed.

You can use a source sans serif for your website, if it wishes to transmit one of these qualities: technician, fresh, clean, cheers, young person, modern or informal. The sources sans serif effective as are headed, for the text generally and the text with technical content. Nevertheless, sources sans serif can also be seen as impersonal cold and.

Types of typesetter source more common in the computers

Unless you especially force the load of a source, through @font-face or some dispenser of sources as Google Fonts, you must make sure that the source that you have chosen will be installed in the team of the user who visits your webpage so that he visualizes the page as you designed it. These fonts are the sources that commonly are installed in all the equipment:

Sources Serif type:

  • Times New Roman: Typesetter source Times New Roman
  • Georgia: Typesetter source Georgia
  • Old Book: Typesetter source Old Book

Sources Sans-serif type:

  • Arial: Typesetter source Arial
  • Helvetian: Helvetic typesetter source
  • Verdana: Typesetter source Verdana
  • Tahoma: Typesetter source Tahoma

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