Marketing in Social Networks

Social marketing is the term that is used to talk about to the presence of the companies in the social networks. This tool of marketing that includes within the call Web 2,0 is a recent phenomenon and that is bearing great fruits. Nevertheless surroundings to 45% of the Spanish SMEs still do not have presence in these social networks.

All we in the medium and long term know to the repercussion and the power of call that to twitter, facebook or pinterest, to mention some of these means they have at present social and cultural, being rather less mightier the commercial slope but with interesting perspective. These tools have become fundamental to position our Web in the finders.

In this entrance I get ready to analyze the keys of social marketing and in the possibilities that offer in Spain.

Why to choose social marketing as commercial strategy?

  • Magnitude of the hearing:

    One would be the possibility of reaching million people, a number that does not stop growing with the accessibility of Internet and the new technologies. In Spain, to do an idea to us, a 81% of the internauts have a profile in some social network.

  • Influenciabilidad:

    These resources benefit from the capacity to influence that some usuary have on other buying possible users. The old mouth mouth I have transformed itself into the new ones likes, Seguir or Follow.

  • Segmentation:

    the social networks give a precise information of their users (sex, age profession, place of residence, I interest, tastes), causing that is easier to direct a commercial product towards certain population segments. For example it is a reality that these platforms make us arrive easily at a young public.

  • Participation:

    Every time they are but the Spaniards to whom this type of publicity does not upset to them and participate in the campaigns organized by the social average. Contests, drawings, fans or followers etc. are many the participation spaces.

  • Economy:

    He is relatively economic and easy to maintain alive one of these social platforms and in our opinion it is in addition an enriching exercise that offers a closer contact with the followers or users of products and services, contemplating feedback or feedback.

Strategies in the Social Networks

  • Election of the network:

    All the social networks are not used for the same nor are focused a same type of user. There are generalist networks as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, soon are other less well-known but more specific networks for each sector as for example Minube of trips or eBuga on cars.
    Within the generalist ones also there are great differences, for example:

    • Facebook: it is the social network par excellence, the one of greater implantation and with a very ample fan of public.
    • Twitter: the enormous advantage that offers to twitter is the possibility of generating debate. Therefore one devises or action can generate discussion subjects that arrive at very many people.
    • LinkedIn: It is centered in the labor profiles of his members. This network is used to generate debate between professionals of a sector.
    • Pinterest: It is social network is very thought for the design and the new tendencies.
  • To mark the objectives:

    We must know very clearly so that we want to use the social network and to define a strategy. The social networks are a powerful tool where we can present our company, to obtain opinions and surveys of the users, fidelizar, to give a service of attention to clients€¦
    A beautiful page can create a positive image name brand and to realise promotions can fidelizar clients with respect to the competition.

  • To be active:

    The social networks do not sleep and a page of a company that it does not change will not generate new followers nor will fidelizar¡ to the existing ones. We must update the content, raise new photographies, announce events or supplies, and coverall to have an active feedback with our followers, to answer his commentaries and to realise contributions to his commentaries.

  • Statistics and analysis:

    We must realise studies of which things are those that interest more to our followers and as they generate more discussions. It must measure as they are the subjects that the retuitea, repinea people or I give him likes, and to generate contents that go in that way. Several tools exist to measure these results as they are Radian6, SocialMention, Tweetreach, etc, of which I will speak in a next article.

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