To change Language of WordPress

If there are installed WordPress in another language different from that we wished it is very easy to change. The steps are the following:

To unload the version of WordPress our language

In order to unload the official version of WordPress in Spanish we must visit the page.

Change WordPress language

To copy the archives of language to the servant

Once unloaded the up-to-date version more we decompressed file .ZIP. The folder that interests to us is following €œwp-content/languages €œthat contains the archives among others €œ €œ, we copied all the folder and we stuck it in the direction of our installation of wordpress in the servant, (EYE the same route €œwp-content/languages €œ).

To modify configuration file

In the root directory of our WordPress installation €œwp-config.php €œis a called file, we must publish this file. we look for the line where the language is defined, that must put €œdefines (€˜WPLANG€™, €œ); € and we modified it so that it is this way €œdefines (€˜WPLANG€™, €˜es_ES€™); €œ.

To verify changes

We close all the windows that we have open of WordPress and we return to enter to verify the changes. Now our post is in Spanish and if we opened the panel of administration of WordPress we will see that also we have changed the language there

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