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In his homes Internet it was a source of intelligence where the content prevailed, but the container, or visual aspect, left much to be desired. With the advance of the technology, they went incorporating images, model-making, animations, fonts, and other elements to obtain some visually more attractive webpages. It was then when to the developers Web the designers added themselves to him, trying to equip to the pages with aspects differentiators and creating image visually name brand.

We see of what the work of a designer consists and the one of a developer Web.

The work of a designer Web

A designer Web uses graphs and software of graphical design (as for example Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) to create an image for the Web.

The designer not always because the person who writes the code and in some cases can be worked independently of the equipment that will shape the idea in the network.

Designer Web Almeria

Great part of the work of a designer is creative and uses the intuition and the imagination, characteristics of the people who consider themselves that they have more developed the right side of the brain. People in this position of usually have an education in a variety of fields, but most common they are those than they have studied graphical design and beautiful arts. Designers pick up their works in portfolios to present their projects to potential clients.

The best designers have a good knowledge of an ample variety of concepts including the space color and typography, relations, the public and the experience of the user.

The work of a developer Web

A developer Web constructs the spine of the website, generally from the home, and knows specific languages of the Web. HTML, Javascript, jQuery and CSS is some of the tools in their kit. The developers, historically, do not concentrate in doing something that seems attractive in view, but in creating websites with clean code and that is technically solid.

The developers Web often are people who consider themselves that they have more developed to the left side of the brain Abilities as the technical capability and the logical thought are an essential part of their repertoires. The developers Web can have studies in a variety of fields as computer science or programming.

Developer Web Almeria

Two goal, jobs

In the end, the designers Web and developers Web work towards an only objective €“ to create a website or application that he seduces and he attracts the users.
For it, as much in the design and development they must be conjugated well. A site needs turns well and to work correctly. The colors and the images must reflect the brand and the interface must animate to the visitors to take a wished action.

The line between designer and the developer is becoming more blurred as more designers are learning the code and more developers are paying much attention to the theory of the design. All we are home to see that the future of the field developer includes a designer title/Web.

It is possible simultaneously to be designer and developer Web?

The answer is yes, I include in that group of designer-developer Web, and more and more people are home to label themselves to themselves this way.

The great companies continue having their department of design and its separated department of development. But small freelance that we realised the tasks of design and development of sites we have had to become qualified in both areas to be able to offer to our clients a treatment differential in front of the great companies.

From my freelance experience as of design of webpages that development from Almeria I can offer to my clients a next and customized treatment, and by means of the tools and knowledge in design and programming to offer exactly what the client needs.

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