Adaptive design of webpages responsive or

Adaptable or adaptive the design of webpages responsive, is the most effective method to assure to you that your page goes to turns in all the devices without needing making zoom lens. It works in all type of screens and your webpage will be perfect from in one smart TV to in smart phone.

This method of creation of webpages plays with the position and the size of the different elements from the page to adapt them to the resolution of screen of the user. Combining technical of HTML the 5 elements they are in different sites or of different way following the resolution from the screen of the user.

In IContactWebDesign Almer­a we are highly it jeopardize with the final experience of the users who visualize our pages for that reason we have adopted this method for some of our pages.

Examples of design adaptive Web or responsive desing.

We see for example as our page in different devices is seen.

  • Vista in desktop computer with monitor of 24 inches

    Vista desktop computer

    The size of the basic image, background, adapts to the size of the screen.

  • Vista in laptop of 17 inches

    Portable Vista

    The size of the content has not modified but the size of fonto basic.

  • Vista in iPad in horizontal way

    Vista iPad in horizontal way

    The content has modified, the menu has been narrowed, to fit perfectly in a screen of ipad

  • Vista in iPad in vertical way

    Vista iPad in vertical way

    The menu has changed its form and the content has moved of place to adapt at sight in tablet vertical.

  • Vista in iPhone 5 in horizontal way

    Vista iPhone 5 in horizontal way

    The margins have been narrowed so that the content is easier to read in iphone or smart phone in horizontal way.

  • Vista in iPhone 5 in vertical way

    Vista iPhone 5 in vertical way

    In iphone or smart phone in vertical way the manº changes to menu for mobiles.

  • Vista Blackberry telephone

    Vista Blackberry telephone

    Vista on a telephone with very small screen.

As it is possible to be appreciated the screen that is the user is always different following its device, facilitating the navigation and the reading of the content of the page.

Advantages of the design adaptive Web or responsive desing.

  • With a single version of the page all the resolutions are covered with screen, it is not necessary to create subdomains or folders of the type or

  • Of this form are reduced to the maintenance and creation costs of, because it is avoided to have to develop specific applications for movable versions, for example, a specific application for iPhone, another one for Android mobiles, etc.

  • From the point of view SEO he is more efficient, the web search engine only stores a webpage and there is conflict of content no duplicity. In the social networks it passes the same, if a mobile user I give him to likes of Facebook of your page would keep the same page that if a user did it of PC.

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