Tendencies in design of webpages 2013

In IContactWebDesign (company of Almeria of design Web) we want to be to the vanguard in the tendencies of design and implementation of webpages for that reason we have compiled five tendencies that are being adopted in the design of thousands of webpages in the last year 2013.

Bottoms with images to complete screen

Every time they are plus the sites that use basic of the webpage an image to complete size. Or static or in slider (the images are changing) this design Web offers an impressive visual design. They are necessary images of quality that can be reescalables to the different sizes from screen which they have the devices.


IContactWebDesign blog

Design responsive (adaptable to the screen of the user)

More and more usuary phones or tablets uses smart to sail by Internet. The adaptive design responsive or is webpages that are reconstructed following the size of screen of the user, allowing a nice navigation without needing realising zoom lens.



Not more flash

The flash is dead. Every time they are plus the devices that do not accept this type of animations, Apple was first in discarding this type of technology and the people of Google have announced that will not either include a reproducer of flash in next updates of their operating system Android. The HTML5 along with a programming in Javascript allows to realise animations and to interact in the same way with the users who praise towards flash but assuring to us that he works in any platform and device.



Barras of fixed navigation

Through html5 the navigation bar pays attention to a point of the screen and although the user realises scroll (screen is dissatisfied above or down) the menu continues appearing in the same place of the screen. These webpages allow the users to sail by them without having to make scroll search the menu.



Minimalist design

The minimalism is line with the design Meter and supposes to reduce to the design Web to its minimum expression for one better usability. The design Meter whose greater defender is the Microsoft company bets by the content offering some simple designs and based on logo and few images.

January Creative


Designs retro

The Vintage style is in height some pages of home with colors and decorations imitating the old designs with a nostalgic air and certain romantic touch.

Radio Moon NY

Moon Web

It lets a commentary