Works Web and realised pages

These are only some of our works


Webpage of the Natural Park Cabo de Gata

Guía de Cabo de Gata

Guía de Cabo de Cat in the province of Almeria. Design and maintenance of the Web. Programming in PHP, Javascript and a blog in Wordpress.

Positioning of the website in the first positions of Google.

Accomplishment of the photographies and graphical manipulation of the same.

Infantile school Montessori Almeria

Montessori Almeria

Webpage of infantile school Montessori Almeria with Joomla technology. Area of access restricted for registered users and blog.

Accomplishment and model-making of the photographies.

Administration of the lodging and domain.

Virgin residence of the Hope

Esperanza Almería residence

Page of the Virgin residence for adults of the Hope in Almeria. Design and implementation in Wordpress.

Design responsive, adaptive to any type of screen.


Almeria business

Webpage developed in HTML5 and with programming in Javascript from the design realised by the creative ones of the Scaparatist company of Almeria.

Website done in a single animated page and with programming based on jQuery.

The Imaginary Murcia

Store t-shirts

Store online of exclusive and original t-shirts located in Murcia. Development of the sale online, maintenance and design of the store. Configuration of the footbridge of payment for collection by card. Webpage with minimalist design, where simplicity heightens the products that are sold.

Insurances Finalin Alicante

Finalin insurances

Development and design of webpage in wordpress for company of Alicante.

Blog self-managementable by the client from the administration area.

Design responsive, adaptive to any type of screen.

Center of Infantile Education Villa Africa

Infantile education Villa Africa

Development and design of webpage in wordpress for infantile school of Roquetas of Sea, Almeria.

Photography and edition of images.

Deprived area of access only for registered users.

Design responsive, adaptive to any type of screen.

Transports Caudete Albacete

Design webpage Transportes Caudete

Design of webpage and blog of international company of transports, located in Albacete, Caudete Transports.

Page in three languages, Spanish, English French and. Corporative page and informative blog.

Design responsive for mobile phones, tablets and computers

Kimi Aqua Sevilla

Design webpage Kimi Aqua company

Design of the corporative webpage of the Kimi Aqua company, located in Seville.

Page with areas of restricted access to identified users. Individual folders for each user with personal documents. Rolls from access to specific areas of the Web. Design responsive with manager of Joomla contents

Treebook bookstore

Design lies down online Treebook

Design of store online and blog for sale of furniture.

Personalisation of a very exclusive and adaptable design to all the devices.

Administration from the area of management of articles, orders, prices and texts of all the store online.

Almería de Costa

Design Almería de Costa webpage

Design of webpage and blog of the website of tourism of the coast of Almeria.

Webpage divided by categories, beaches, monuments, that to see, that to do…, and towns: Almeria, Roquetas of Sea, Mojácar, Side, Coal bunkers.

Design responsive and wordpress.

The Cake Box

Design Almería de Costa webpage

Design of webpage and blog of the website of video creation albums.

The client wanted a website of a single page, to which we add a blog to harness the SEO.

Design responsive, wordpress and SEO.

MAG Administradores Madrid

Design Web in Madrid

Design of webpage for company of Madrid.

The client wanted a simple website and professional the main necessity of the client was a website with a small description of the business and a pair of contact forms to receive in its email the post office the requests that became from the webpage of the company.

Crossfit Roquetas

Design blog CrossFit Roquetas Almeria

Development of the webpage and the blog in wordpress of the gymnasium Crossfit Roquetas.

Totally configurable website from the area of administration, easy to manage, to modify and to personalize the blog, the static sections and pages.

I.E.S. Juan Rubio Ortiz, Macael

I.E.S. Juan Rubio Ortiz

Creation of the webpage and the blog in wordpress of the Institute of Secondary Education of Macael, Almeria.

The webpage has several Publishing users, professors, who only have access to publish and to publish articles of their category, subject. The site counts on a developed educative platform with Moodle so that the students can realise courses online.

IN3 Tecnoindustrial

Webpage of IN3 Tecnoindustrial

Coorporativa webpage with blog in wordpress of company IN3 Tecnoindustrial

The webpage counts on a section type portfolio where the company can be publishing its last works with an attached gallery to show images.

The page counts on a lateral menu and uses the coorporativos colors of the company, orange, target and andracita.

Design of the website and edition of the images.

Almeria ages

Taken care of majors

Design page and lies down online of the Edades company that offers specialized of cleaning and taken care of personnel of majors.

The page was made thinking that in the future it is possible to be extended to store online. It has a section where are the articles grouped by categories.

The design was realised with mulberry colors mallow and that combine very well with the corporative gilded one of the tax exemption.


Clasijazz Almeria

Programming of plugin for wordpress for the control and handling of reserve of entrances for events of the Clasijazz association of Almeria.

Maintenance of the webpage

Medical expert work Almeria

Medical expert work Almeria

Codification website according to design of the client. Creation of the subject of wordpress and optimization of the code for positioning SEO. Creation of a blog of the medical news.

Store online Kelttys Murcia

Kelttys lies down

Migration of the store online to the last version of Prestashop. The Kelttys store counted on an old version of Prestashop that not permitia many functionalities, as receiving with card, etc. We migrated to the last version of ecommerce, installation of the virtual TPV for collection with card, and to redesign the page so that she is adaptive, responsive, to all the devices. Store of Murcia.

Association Andalusian of Gastroenterology Hepatología and Paediatric Nutrición


Website with private pages for partners the members of the association have access to the resources as: listing of partners with telephones, emails, directions, unloadings of documents, etc. Personalisation of wordpress and design responsive.

Adtrad - Granada

Design webpage Granada company

Company of design and linguistic services of Granada

Webpage multidioma, Spanish, English French and.

Design and personalisation of group in wordpress

Adaptable design to all the devices mobile phones, tablets and computers

Service of drones of the University of Almeria

Drones Almeria

Service of investigation and development with Drones of the University of Almeria, courses of drones, sale and repair.

Webpage with blog, lies down and forum.

Pages of presentation of the company and services that offer. Blog of the news for positioning SEO. Store online for the sale of drones. Forum of drones and maintenance. Model-making of the pages and design of the website.

Alberto Lafarga

Alberto Lafarga

Page of Alberto Lafarga, doctor, expert coach developing personnel

Design of the logo and the website.

Development of a group to integrate a blog in a personal page where Alberto offers his services as coach.

Design of the logo and the image name brand, colors, typographies and cards.

Look&Find Almeria


Page of the real estate Look&Find of Almeria

Design of on sale oriented website of floors and houses, with search by price, zone, type of house, number of rooms, etc. Location in the map of the houses.

The page also includes a blog for search engine optimization.

Julio Barrionuevo

Webpage of Julio Barrionuevo

Webpage of from Almeria artist Julio Barrionuevo

Accomplishment of the website in Wordpress according to design of the client. Page of presentation of the artist and photographic galleries of works.

Store online Dexteriores

Dexteriores Murcia

Store online of sale of artificial turf and products for the garden.

Accomplishment of the store online in Prestashop. Caonfiguración and maintenance of the store. To add products, characteristics, porsicionamiento SEO, etc.

Store online LED-tronic

LED-tronic Almeria

Store online of sale of illumination LED.

Accomplishment of the store online in Prestashop. Webpage of the store of Almeria specialized in LEDs and electronics.

Personalisation of the group of Prestashop and configuration of the store online to receive payments with card and by Paypal, and to send orders to all Spain.

Courses of Drones online

Courses of Drones online

Design of educative platform in moodle.

Installation and personalisation of the group of Moodle.

Configuration of the Moodle platform for the accomplishment of courses online of Drones, courses, plank of announcements, forum, qualifications, etc.

Agency Corner the Common land

Agency in the Almeria Common land

Design webpage of the Agency Corner in the Common land, Almeria

Installation and design of the Wordpress. Adaptive design or responsive

Totally editable page by the client. Optimization of the positioning of the page, SEO. Course of wordpress for use of the platform.

Altair Murcia

ALtair Murcia

Design webpage in wordpress of company of Murcia, dedicated to the accomplishment of environmental information.

Installation and personalisation of the page in Wordpress. Adaptive design or responsive. Accomplishment of plugins customized for wordpress.

Hosting of the webpage in servant and corporative mail.

Noesso association


Design of the corporative webpage of the asoción Noesso and the foundation You are not Only.

Import of the contents from an obsolete manager of contents to wordpress. Personalisation of the group and model-making of the content. Private document area protected by password.

Accomplishment of the photographies for the webpage.

It decorates Letters

Decorated letters

Maintenance of the webpage and lies down online.

Resolution of problems in the electronic commerce, modifications of the design Web, creation and restoration of backup copies. Updates of wordpress, plugins and groups.

Almeria pergolas

Almeria pergolas

Design of the webpage and the store online of the company Pérgolas Almeria.

Creation of the group from zero to obtain exactamante which the client demanded and to optimize the positioning SEO in the finders.

Model-making of the webpage and infográfico work of digital adjustment of images.

Andalusia Security

Rural guards Almeria

Development Web of the site of from Almeria company of rural guards Andalusia Security.

Design of the webpage in Wordpress, model-making and computer graphics of the images

Positioning SEO and maintenance of the Web.



Development Web of the site of the residence for Indasalud majors, Granada.

Design of the webpage in Wordpress accomplishment of the photographies

Positioning SEO and maintenance of the Web.

Sector Stock market


Design in Joomla of the website specialized in stock market TRADING.

Design, model-making and development of the website and the logo

Personalisation of the modules, creation of private sections for members and insertion of courses in video.



Webpage Almeria academy that distributes courses of formation for professional drivers and qualification.

Design and development in wordpress of the webpage. Works of computer graphics and adjustment of images.

Positioning SEO and maintenance of the Web.

Endstreet 52


Store online of urban clothes and sneakers Design of store online in prestashop, installation, configuration of modules commerce online, tests and home of the store.

Design of the corporative image in the Web. Creation of creativities and baners as much for the Web as for the social networks

Integration elements SEO and labelling of products for the sale in Google Shooping.

Juan José Navarro - Director

Web Navarrese Juan Jose

Page and personal blog of the conductor Juan José Navarro Design of the webpage, with a blog of the news and an agenda of events.

Optimization SEO of the contents to improve the positioning of the page, by means of SEO techniques onpage.

Webpage in two languages and connected to the social networks of the client.

Fontalmanzora Almeria

fontalmanzora Web

Store online of the company Fontalmanzora located in Albox, province of Almeria.

Page of company with blog and informative sections and lies down online of products of plumbing, renewable energies, heating, swimming pools.

The footbridge of Martina

the footbridge of Martina lies down online

Store online of the company the footbridge of Martina.

Sale of clothes for Woman, Children and Babies. The client needed a clean and efficient design, a simple but functional webpage.


Real estate webpage

Real estate webpage Crystalcasa.

Development and design webpage of real estate of Murcia.

From the area of management of the website the client can administer to the properties and the users of his page. Programming of software to size for the import of the real estates to the main platforms of sale online as fotocasa, habitat, etc.

Megal Energy

Webpage company

Megal webpage Energy.

Development and design webpage company electricity of Almeria.

The client needed a corporative Web as presentation his company. The requirements were that it had an attractive and modern design that had sections for the different areas from business and a corporative blog of the news.

Implemtó a manager of contents wordpress so that the client had more facility to modify the contents of the webpage.

Cm Wedding Planner

Webpage cm Wedding Planner

Webpage cm Wedding Planner.

Accomplishment website of Carmen Monedero Wedding Planner in Almeria.

The requirements of the design were that the website had to be elegant and attractive and of easy navigation, for that reason was chosen in the cover to replace the typical pass of images by a graphical menu that us redirige to the main pages of the website. Another essential requirement was the good logical construction of the information for the positioning SEO in google.

Fernanda Vallejos

Fernanda Vallejos webpage

Fernanda Vallejos webpage.

Accomplishment website of the digital artist and painter Fernanda Vallejos.

Fernanda needed a webpage where all the protagonism was for its works of art, therefore chose an elegant design and minimalist the election of the typography and the programming necessary to show works of spectacular form was the main challenges of this project Web.

Classic music Wedding

Música webpage for wedding

Webpage company Musique & Música.

Webpage company dedicated to the amanización of weddings and events with classic music in Almeria.

Creation of the corporative style of colors and typography for the Web. Website self-managementable where to be able to modify the contents easily. Inclusion of blog of the news to improve the positioning and connects with the rest of the social networks of the company.

The Web offers services of Soprano, piano and cords for weddings and events realised in Almeria.

Diesis academy

Academy Diesis de Dirección

Webpage academy Diesis de Dirección de Banda and Orquestra.

Creation of the logo and design of the webpage of the company is headquarters in Almeria and Valencia.

The website includes an only visible agenda of events and classes for the students of the academy who must identify themselves in the page to be able to accede to this hidden content.

Maintenance of the website that include modifications of content or functionalities, as well as the creation of cartelería of the events of the academy.

Windows Studio Finstral

Webpage Finstral Almeria

Webpage company Windows Studio Finstral.

Corporative webpage of company dedicated to the installation of carpentry, windows, doors and closings.

Creation of the logo and from this design of the webpage using the corporative style of colors and typography for the Web. Modification of the photographies and writing of the contents for a positioning Web in the key words of the sector of the company. Creation of the card of Bussines Google of company for positioning.

Web Almeria


Company of design of webpages located in Almeria.

Creation of the webpage of the company dedicated to the development of webpages and stores online webalmeria.

Creation of the logo and the corporative image of the Página company in wordpress that uses workframe Gravity with the GeneratePress group that are very versatile and with a SEO of excellent page.

For the model-making of the pages plugin Elementor has been used that porporciona a graphical interface in the administration area and reduces the times of model-making and insertion of elements.

European association of Professors of Spanish AEPE

Distinguished AEPE

Webpage of the European Association of Professors of Spanish.

Corporative page of association AEPE with headquarters in Granada and Madrid, realised in wordpress. With an area deprived for the partners where they can see the listing and data of all the associates and have access to exclusive resources of the association.

The page was migrated of an obsolete platform Web. With a new design one stayed the directions URL to conserve the SEO that could have and it migrated the content, images and categories that already existian.

Brothers Gomez SL Almeria

Webpage Hnos Gomez Almeria

Brother webpage of the carpentry company Gomez Almeria.

Design and development of the webpage. Creation of the contents of the webpage for a good positioning SEO, written up of texts, labelling of images and hierarchial structuring of the titles. Design of the logo of the company of carpentry specialized in windows and aluminum doors and pvc.

Classes to learn to handle wordpress and to manage the contents of the website

Ana Herrero footwear

Store online Almeria

Store online Ana Herrero Almería Footwear.

Design and development of the store online on sale dedicated of shoes paa woman and located in Aguadulce (Roquetas of Sea). Creation of the logo and the corporative image. Configuration of the expenses of shipment, management of stock, methods of payment, virtual TPV for payment with cards, invoicing and delivery notes of delivery. Creation of an area for the clients where to consult the state of its orders, file of purchases, modification of personal data and unloading of invoices.

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